First Annual Piping Clinic

This past weekend – 5-6 March 2022 – your Dubuque Fire Pipes and Drums held its first annual piping clinic. We had the good pleasure of hosting and learning from Mr. Andy Fusco, Pipe Major of the Las Vegas Pipe Band and Dojo University bagpipe instructor.

Pipe Major Andy Fusco

Recently, our band has committed to (at least) a year of individual work with Dojo University in addition to our regular work together as a band. In many ways, this weekend clinic was the kickoff to a promising year of growth as pipes and as a band.

And, in typical Dubuque Fire Pipes & Drums fashion, we had a really good time doing it!

Our gratitude to P/M Fusco for coming out to Iowa to share of his time and expertise, to Piper Kevan Norin for having the groovy idea, to Piper Dave Hawkins for tending to planning, logistics, feeding, etc., to Learner Piper Randy Tolley and his fellow Masons for opening up space for the weekend at the Masonic Lodge #125 in Dubuque, to Piper Joe Berger and Susan for opening their home for fellowship, food, and libations, and to the two groovin’ moose that cheered us on all weekend! Cheers!

PM Fusco nursing a yard of ale!

If you are interested in taking up bagpiping or drumming and being part of this fine organization, do let us know. Send a note by clicking here.

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